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A natural bridge

Walking distance: 11,5 km.
Duration: 5hrs 30min.
Level of difficulty: Medium – Hard.
Cumulative ascent: 297 metres.
Cumulative descent: 297 metres.
Surface type: Trail, dirt track, asphalt.


The Arco del Coronadero is the biggest natural arch and real monument in Gran Canaria. To get to this place we will have to go into the ravine of Barranco Hondo, a deep furrow in the Macizo de Amurga where the passage of time, the age of the materials and the erosion of wind and water have created an extraordinary landscape of huge vertical bright red walls, natural caves and beautiful shaped rocks; a treat for the eyes.
The vegetation we find here bloom from the crags showing a good example of adaptation considering the lack of water. A few of the plant species that stand out amongst others are the cardones (giant cactus), the tajinastes (tower of jewels), the vinagreras (rumex lunaria) and the balos (plocama péndula).
During the middle age, shepherding (sheep and goats) was a very important activity in the island. Nowadays, we still can find flock that make the landscape even more beautiful.
All these characteristics make this ravine, which flows into the Southwest, one of the most beautiful in the island of Gran Canaria.
Despite the dryness of this environment we will see that it is possible to find different waterway structures such as canals, ditches or even underground passages like the one that we will cross the Barranco Hondo de Berriel. This gives us an insight into the past agricultural methods.
From the Arch we will make out in the distance a very well preserved archaeological site called Altos del Coronadero. It consists of thirty six cylindrical towers made of slabs with stones on their top pointing in all directions.  It is believed to be a mystical place with a magical, religious and astronomical origin.



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